Be Your Own Boss.

Get Financial Independence


It is an easy, affordable, and turnkey online business that can be ran from anywhere.

Ageless Zen has built a state-of-the-art online work-from-home system to help its new SBP (Small Business Partners) run a new premium helth & beauty product business.

Ageless Zen provides you a personalized turn-key online retail web store and online business management site.

The retail online store includes the premium natural skin care and health products. The business management website has a state-of-art-online marketing resource library and business management tools for your successes.

For less than $500, you can get started.

You don’t need anyone’s permission, a college degree, business wardrobes, high credit scores, or investment capitals.


In today’s uncertain times, we wonder so many things:                                                          Will the economy be open or closed?                Will there be work?                                           Will children be at school or home?                … is it safe? 

Even before COVID, many of us wondered if the hours, the traffic, the competitiveness, the pay, and the stress was worth it?                                                                            Most of us wondered what it would be like to work for ourselves, set out own schedule, create our own working environment, and have a chance to exercise out own creative energy, and be rewarded accordingly.                  In a corporate environment, hard work, and creativity is not always enough. Even if you are the most productive-honest worker, get top marks on all your reviews, or make the most sales; someone else is often the one promoted based on their education, gender, race, or who they know. Built from the ground up, Ageless Zen has created a turn-key Health and Beauty business model that rewards your creativity and work with the best sales profit in the industry. Ageless Zen is not like MLM pyramids-type companies that promise fame and fortune but are designed to move your money to their pocket, or the expensive famous vitamin for fast food franchises you have seen in every shopping center and strip mall. Ageless Zen is affordable, turn-key, and PAYS!                                                              For less than $500, you can get started. The cost includes processing your business application, setting up your website, web store, and loading your online business tool package. You can set up the business in your name, or a company name that you have registered with your state. 

Things You Will Need To Start: 

• Need to be 18 years or older.
• Fill out an Ageless Zen Business Application.
• A bank account where your sales commission can be deposited.
• A desire and willingness to learn about the Premium, Science based, Natural AZ products, and a commitment of time and attention to your business.
• Computer or Mobile phone with internet access, and it is helpful if it has a camera that allows you to do video calls like on Skype, Zoom or FaceTime.

Things That Are Helpful but Not Necessary:

• A business location or home where you can work.
• A printer so you can print product information, cards, announcements etc.
• A car so you can get to events or socials where you can meet people and introduce them to your product-line.
• A presence or accounts on social media platforms like; LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube.
• A love for, and knowledge of skin care, nutrition, fitness and health, the importance of natural ingredients, and you are good with people you meet.

Things That Are Helpful but Not Necessary:

• Anyone’s permission!
• A college degree
• Business wardrobe
• A high credit score
• An Expensive Business Office Lease
• Investment Capital or Merchant Banking Account That Allows You to Process Credit Cards 

Have You Ever Dreamed of Owning Your Own Business?
Check Out the Ageless Zen Affordable & Turn-Key Opportunity

Ageless Zen has built a State-of-Art Online Work-From-Home system to help its new SBP (Small Business Partners) with online business tools to help you start and run your new Premium Health & Beauty Product business, while working from home.

Ageless Zen has also built a Science Based Premium Natural Health & Beauty Products-Line, you can use and sell Online or in person. These are Premium Natural & Effective Products designed so there is something for everyone in the family. Again, the Ageless Zen business model is made to be easy and profitable!! Ageless Zen believes the best partners are those who have a passion for, or who are already in the Health & Beauty field. Some of the Ageless Zen partners are people active on Social-Media, and those who have high energy, love people and hosting events and parties. Others are Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, Aestheticians, Cosmetologists, Nutritionists, fitness coaches or those selling to them. 

$$$ For Ageless Zen Entrepreneurs New Work-From-Home Businesses

Ageless Zen provides you with your own personalized turn-key online Retail Web site & web Store. The web store includes the beautiful and effective Ageless Zen product-line of premium natural skin care and health products, and State-of-Art-Online marketing resource library & online business management tools. 

Welcome to the New Ageless Zen
Work-From-Home Global Economy

• Ageless Zen helps you, learn how to market your business “ONLINE”

Ageless Zen Provides for your business the Visa, MC, Amex, PayPal, Security Payment System so you can take orders and process payments in you Online Store. Ageless Zen is affordable and is an Easy to Operate Online Turn-Key Business, that can be run from Home…. So why would anyone take out of savings or get a loan to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a vitamin, food, or service business franchise? Why would anyone pay first and last month business rent, a large security deposit and sign their name to a long-term property lease? Then purchase all the equipment and furnishings, hire bookkeeper, workers, and pay for advertising? This is very expensive and very, very scary.

You can start your own Ageless Zen Natural Health & Beauty Product Small Business Partnership (from home) for less than $500!!

Your Ageless Zen Small Business Partner Website and Web Store

1. Ageless Zen Creates for “YOU” an Online Ageless Zen Website and Web Store in Your Name (or Your Business Name), so your customers can access “Your” Own dedicated Online Website & Retail Product Web Store.
2. This Website and Store comes with all the Business Tools Built in.
     a. Products displayed with prices
     b. Language Translation options if needed.
     c. Store & Cart comes equipped to accept most common credit cards and PayPal.
3. Your Ageless Zen website home page reserves a header Space for “Your Profile” and Contact information.
4. Also on your Web Site Home Page, there has been Reserved a footer space where you may post messages to your customers. >> Register Now

Ageless Zen Website and Web Store

In Your Online BackOffice Control Center, You Will Be Able To:
• Track Sales and Commission.
• Edit Home Page Header & Footer message.
• If you have sales team working with you, you can track their sales.
• Access all the free educational & marketing material in your Resource Center.

• No credit card fees to you, these are paid by Ageless Zen.
• No problem in collections, Handled automatically.
• No Sales Tax reporting -this is handled by software automatically.
• No management of inventory, Ageless Zen Ships from its warehouse.
• No shipping & fulfillment for you to worry about, Ageless Zen handles these details. 

Be a Consumer Educator

Work from Home, and teach others how they can improve their health, wellness and skin. Today communication is through Social media and the use of Video Conferencing Apps.

Opportunity For Skin Care Professionals

Be an Ageless Zen Product Specialist

Teach your clients & customers in person or online, how to use Ageless Zen products to improve their skin and health. Share your professional knowledge of how the unique natural ingredients benefit them.

Simply just start with a few products available “on hand” – For your personal, and family use or to demonstrate to customers, friends or use on clients. 


Best Retail Profit-Margin Payout on your Web Site Sales PLUS Ageless Zen Pays an additional Bonus on the Sale.
• You receive the Profit-Margin (difference between posted retail price & wholesale price) on all your Web Site Sales Orders.
• Plus, Ageless Zen Pays you an additional Bonus Commission (of wholesale price) on Each Online Sale.
• There is the volume sales opportunity. When you sell Case Lots to an approved Spa & Medical Office or health-fitness Retail Shop, you are paid a commission on these sales also.
Ageless Zen invests in the BEST; best Premium Natural Ingredients, the Best Science & Technology [backed by clinical research, best airless packaging (non-touch)], and most important… in THE BEST PEOPLE

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