Kurandza is a grassroots nonprofit that believes in the power of self-sufficient communities by developing holistic projects that focus on educating and empowering low-income populations, they lift people, families and communities out of poverty, starting with rural villages in southern Mozambique.

When you shop with Ageless Zen, a portion of the retail proceeds go to Kurandza. AZ’s streamlined vertical integration business model allows them to give their community partner the highest percentage of retail proceeds. By choosing Ageless Zen, you’re not only supporting Kurandza, but you’re also taking the first step toward a healthier lifestyle. You can learn to use premium, natural, clean, effective skincare and nutritious supplements while being part of a program that helps create a perpetual monthly revenue stream for Kurandza.

The founders of AgeLess Zen, Mei-Yung Lee and Michael Scott, have been actively involved in non-profit organizations for over two decades.

“We believe serving the community is a lifestyle, not a single occasion. It connects us to make a better world to live in.”

– Mei-Yung Lee

You can now shop for premium natural clean skincare directly from Ageless Zen, and 30% of the sales proceeds will go towards funding Kurandza’s Organization.

Join us today in investing women, and empowering a community.

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