Be the change that you wish to see in the world. – Mahatma Gandhi

AZ Circle of Giving Foundation (COGF - 501(c)(3))

Its Missions:
Grant Giving by invitation to support :
  • Women empowerment.
  • Children’s education & food program.
  • Skin Cancer Research
  • Animal protection
  • Provide funding to support AZCP program
  • Distributing donations to all AZCP programs
Its Funding:
  • AZ Founders, friends, and families.
  • AZ Corporate profits.
  • AZ Distributors and Vendors

AZ Community Partnership

AZCP is a charitable program funded
by the AZ Circle of Giving Foundation
Its Missions:
• It provides a free service to help educate and support schools and local charities to create a self-sustaining, diversified funding model within its community.
• It utilizes Ageless Zen’s effective natural clean products to draw community support to raise perpetual funding to benefit its local programs/schools.

Ageless Zen

Ageless Zen is a Boutique Manufacturer of Premium Natural Skincare and Supplement Company.
Its Missions:
• It is to create a line of premium natural effective skincare and supplement products based on the integrity of Western science and the knowledge of Eastern herbal remedies.
• It is a technology company. It created a unique software program to help create job and business opportunities for entrepreneurs.
• It provides continue funding to AZ Circle of Giving Program.
• It provides fulfillment & Customer Service to all AZCP Programs.
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